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Domina Pissing welcomes you to its movie and picture gallery of toilet slave humiliation and forced pee drinking! Let me tell you about the movies first: in here you can enjoy two hot femdom pissing movies, broken down into downloadable clips. The first video (two top screenshot rows here) features a very tall and extremely strict German mistress degrading her pathetic male toilet slave. The guy finds himself strapped down to a torture table for a start; the domme grabs a whip and warms up the slave with sharp butt-lashing. After this inroduction, the submissive is ordered to lie down beneath his mistress' crotch. She pulls her panties aside, commands the slave to open his mouth wide, and sprays a thick stream of hot piss straight down his throat! The dominatrix takes her time peeing, and we can hear the slave choking and fighting for air while gulping down her golden nectar. After he has swallowed the last precious drop, he is placed on the table once again for further spanking punishment. The second movie (bottom row above and images on the left) presents a stunning redhead domme doing a pitiful bald slave. The dominatrix starts the session with nipple pinching and cock and ball bondage. After that, she positions the slave on his knees, bent backward; next, we can see her taking a long piss all over his belly and genitals! The seesion ends with more nipple torture and verbal abuse. OK, let's see the pictures on the next page now...

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